Make a difference to the planet with our energy-saving curtains

High Quality Custom-made Curtains

At Flexgardin, we specialize in providing custom-made industrial curtains for commercial greenhouses and businesses that help regulate the environment in greenhouses and buildings, while also reducing energy consumption.

We take pride in delivering high-quality curtains that give you exactly what you need for your project, regardless of size and requirements.

The largest supplier of curtains for greenhouses and businesses in the Nordics

With more than 30 years of experience, Flexgardin has been providing curtain solutions for commercial greenhouses and businesses of all sizes and shapes throughout the Nordics and around the world.

We produce all curtains in our own production facilities, where we tailor our curtain solutions to each individual customer’s needs. The curtains are produced by our skilled employees, who work efficiently to ensure the highest quality. Our experienced installers then ensure a professional installation and mounting of the curtains, ensuring that you are happy and satisfied with your new curtain system.

We are also ready with advice and guidance

We advise and guide you in the right solution based on wishes, needs and financial framework, and we can meet all needs. We always find a good solution through sparring, conversation and collaboration. See our products here. products here.

Greenhouse curtains

Greenhouse curtains include a range of products specifically designed to reduce energy consumption in the greenhouse, provide shade or blackout, and much more.

Industrial curtains

Industrial curtains are specially designed for various purposes and industries and are the ideal choice for improving the lighting environment and efficiency in your business.

Custom Projects

Our custom projects include a wide range of curtains, including facade curtains, curtains for patios, and curtains for orangeries. These curtains are created to meet your specific needs and design preferences and can be customized to fit perfectly in your home or business.

Get a quote on your custom-made curtain solution today

Contact us for a non-binding offer and consultation. Together, we will find the right solution for your project, where we ensure that all wishes and needs are met through close collaboration and dialogue. Contact us by phone at (+45) 63 98 00 46 or by email at info@flexgardin.dk.

We look forward to hearing from you.